LAINDON BLOCK Charcoal Silk Bandana

-Charcoal Silk
-Real 100% Silk Satin 85gsm
-Adult 57 x 57cm / 22.4 x 22.4″



Laindon is a commuter town in Essex, (England) where Ten Motiwa was raised. Visitors were always bemused by the area. The architecture of Laindon houses is designed like a maze and with buildings which are identical. While touring the estate you are addressed, with its many alleyways and dark areas. At night it can be intimidating with it’s silence. This came with criticism and from the very start, the area became known locally as 'Alcatraz' after the former island prison in San Francisco Bay, (America).

The inspiration behind the fabric print is based on the original construction design from the late 1960s. Ten Motiwa took a view from the top looking down at the roof of the estate. This established the shapes and bold digital marks on the print.